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They invite refugees and locals to international Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve

  • Dorte and Nills Suwala invite to international Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve at Församlingshemmet in Lillhärdal.

Dorthe and Nills Suwala, a couple from Denmark who lives in Lillhärdal are organizing a Christmas Eve dinner for the refugees and locals living in Lillhärdal. Tidningen Härjedalen met with the couple and had a few words with them.


How did you come up with the idea of organizing a Christmas eve dinner for refugees in your area?

– The last Christmas that we had in Denmark on 2011 was with homeless people, Dorthe says with a smile.

– It was the best Christmas we had for years and last Christmas 2014 we had an awesome Christmas Eve with three Syrians and one Eritrean.

Dorthe and her husband Nills met with the newspaper while in Sveg, busy organizing their event. They have contacted different business in Sveg like ICA, COOP and others. So far all the organizations that they have approached are willing to donate for their cause. They are quite happy by the way organizations, business and people are contributing for the event.

The Swedish Church was the first one to step in to support them by providing money and a place to render the event. On the evening of the last Saint Lucia celebration in Lillhärdal, people contributed money and presents in kind. The amount as well as the will of people to support the event was beyond their expectation.

Why do you do it?

– For me Christmas is love and why should refugees here spend this holiday alone? It´s one way I try to extend the love I have for this amazing people. For me the whole process of organizing the event and having a wonderful Christmas Eve is nothing but love, a manifestation of Love, Dorthe says.

Everyone is warmly invited to come to Lillhärdals Församlingshemmet on Christmas Eve, the 24th of December, at 16.00. The dinner will start at 17.00 and of course Santa Clause will be there to brighten up the evening. He will arrive a bit later though.